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Putting these to the test

Well guys by the time you read this we will be in the depths of the Cameroon frostiest hunting the great species that call it home.

On this Safari we will be putting a few new products to the test such as these Palladium boots.

Our PH's in Cameroon have highly recommended us bringing two pairs of these boots. In the forest it will be wet, with leather boots it will be hard to keep them dry and keep them from shrinking. So with these boots being canvas they should be easier to dry, and we won't have to worry as much of them shrinking.

I'm actually taking two pairs over just for my PH as well.

So this will be a good test run for us to try them out and see what they are like.

I recently had a member message me on WhatsApp while over in Ethiopia wearing a pari of these boots.

More info on these the Palladium Pampa Hi boot.

Adopt a stylish look with our Pampa Hi boot. This sneaker-inspired men's high-top shoe has cotton canvas, dye and washed, create a vintage look and soft feel.

The boot is finished with a single-unit molded rubber outsole, offering excellent traction while exploring your city.

The EVA-cushioned footbed and hugging heel cup cradle the foot for lasting support.

Stay tuned for a full review!

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