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Preparing your Safari shots "Shooting sticks"

A well Placed bullet from a rock steady rest should be the results of every trigger pull.

But thats only in Hollywood movies. In real life hunting scenario we are always faced with different and difficult shots.

Most American hunters don't grow up using shooting sticks like most do in Africa.

And for a very big portion of any African safari you will be shooting off sticks.

So the best way to get trained and ready well before your safari is to purchase a set of shooting sticks. Now allot of the shooting sticks you find here in the US are the Bog Pot and Trigger stick all though you rarely see these types of sticks in the bush its still a great way for you to sharpen your shooting skills and be ready for what ever Africa throughs at you.

Practice standing, practice throwing the rifle up quickly and being able to get a perfect shot fired

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