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1. Depending on what you are hunting its nice to know what the average shot distance is so that way you can spend a few months at the range prior to the hunt proacting your shooting skill up to and preferably just beyond the average range.

2. IF your outfitter doesn’t already supply you with a list its best that you ask for a list of recommended gear you need for your hunt. It’s always nice to have a outline on what to take.

3.Make sure you ask what the weather is typically like for your hunting area that time of year. Depending on the country and area you are hunting sometimes it's hard to just reach out and grab something if you need it.

4. Another good tip is ask your outfitter what the typical tipping structure is like to get aN idea of how much cash to carry over with you tom tip.

5. In the months prior to your hunt stay in contact with your outfitter about shipping your trophies home if you are successful. It’s best that you use a shipping and customs broker that you’ve either found or that the outfitter recommends. Make sure the one you found will work with your outfitter and taxidermist. We use D&L as our broker fo our international shipments and they do a top notch job.

6. Flights make sure you boom your flights in advance we recommend you use a travel agent specifically a pro hunting travel agent. We use travel with guns for all of our international hunts. A travel agent will help make sure paper works inline for gun permits before you arrive to your destination and with any stops in between.

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