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Planning Your First Safari

This week's Youtube Vidoe and podcast are based on planning your first Safari.

In this episode i go over a few key points to look for when looking tio book your first African Safari. Now these points can work for booking any hunt especially any international hunt.

There are a few other points that I will hit in futuer episodes.

I helped Todd go on his first Safari in 2021 where he collected several great species, and has a trip already booked to return back in 2024.

Adam A with a great Impala ram he shot on his first Safari I helped him planin 2021, since than hes been back on a second Safari where he took 14 animals alone on that trip. He is planned to be back in Africa in 2024.

Click the links below to watch and or listen to how I start planning a Safari.

I hope this video/podcast helps you when planning your first safari.

If you find value in it please share it with anyone you think needs to watch or listen to it.

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