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I hunted with Ansten Ostbye Hunting Tours in South Central Siberia, approximately 100km’s north of Mongolia, for Altay Ibex or sometimes called Sayan Ibex. The hunting area is located on a manmade lake that was the result of a large hydroelectric dam. After a 4 hour boat ride, the 4 Norwegians, 1 American hunter and myself arrived at camp. The first day my guide Boris and I boated 45 minutes up the lake to start the 3 hour hiking up the mountain where we located 4 males behind a knoll on the side of the mountain. There was one big old male so I quickly set up and took my shot. When I saw them again they had run towards us and there was still 4 in the group, we thought I had missed so I shot at the biggest one again. When we walked over we then realized we had two Ibex on the ground! Oops, good thing your allowed 2! One was 13 years old and 39 ¾” long, the other was 12 years old and 41” long. After this hunt I flew over to Mineral Vody to hunt Caucasian Chamois in the Karachaevo- Cherkesia area where I shared one of the roughest camps ever with fellow hunter and friend Justin Ragazine who was hunting Tur and Chamois. After screwing up on day one,  I was able to take an old male chamois that had a deformed left horn on day two. The local guides were all great with a reasonable amount of game in the area. I have to give a special thanks to Sergei Mechtannov, Ansten’s long-time interpreter, for looking after all the logistics and problems over my three hunts in Russia this past fall. (And for putting up with my demanding ways).   

By Daryll Hosker

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