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Number One tip for after the shot!

After years of hunting all over the world, guiding hunters, helping friends and family hunt there is a number one tip after the shot that we strongly suggest!

Work the bolt and be ready to do a follow up shot.

More animals are lost from not working the bolt and being able to do a follow up shot after the first inital shot. As hunters we tend to shoot and try to see what’s happening and admire our first initial shot. With proper practice of tracking the bullet and working the bolt as a single motion you’ll be able to recover from the recoil and still see impact and work the bolt. Chambering another round in one fluid motion will make you ready for your second shot if necessary.

No matter how great of a shot you are, you can never justify not working the bolt and being prepared. That one shot you didn’t take could cost you 200” Muley, a Marco polo sheep, or you could be ran over by a cape buffalo.

Making this a muscle memory takes PRACTICE and time, you should go to the range and do so. You don’t need to take your favorite hunting rifle and burn through high dollar loads that might kick and make you start to flinch. Just take a smaller caliber out and work on the technique of squeezing the trigger, following through, and working the bolt to be ready for another shot. This in all will make you a better hunter and shooter and save you some headache, long nights of lost sleep, and could save your life in a dangerous situation.

Remember practice makes perfect. Best of luck to all of you on all of your future hunts!

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