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NL PURE 12x42 Binos

After pre ordering the brand new Swarvoski 12x42 NL pure binoculars early in 2020 from Epic Optics I was chomping at the bit. to put them to use.

Receiving them early September of 2020 I hit the hills with them on back country mule deer and elk hunts then in 2021i took them across the pond to Spain and South Africa hunting the different terrain these countries had to offer. For someone with bad eyes sight such as my self I need all the clarity and power I can get and these. Binos are the ticket.

Super easy to hold they fit comfortable in your hands and are light as ever.

I look forward to getting them out on more hunts around the world in 2022 and without a doubt they will do the job and hold up to the elements.

Here are some of the specs for this pair of optics.


42 mmEffective objective lens diameter

6.5 °Field of view degrees

91 %Light transmission

If your wanting to snag a pair of NL pure Binos or other optics give

Epic Optics a call.

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