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New Zealand Red Stag hunting

Wanting to hunt red stags in New Zealand? here is a quick read for you.


After several trips over here to the South Island of New Zealand chasing Stags at various times of the year here are some tips and info for you to know when booking your dream New Zealand red stag hunt

First when hunting stags there is no set season to hunt these animals. But the time frame when the stags have antlers is from February till August so keep that in mind and if your hunting a private ranch most hunts are done March through June, and early July.

The Red stag Roar (rut) is during the months of March and April and is the prime time to be hunting stags because they are in search of hinds and are roaring. The roar is also one of the best times to hunt them for weather as its their autumn/fall and the temperatures can still get up in to the 70’s, but cool down in the evening and nights to make it a peaceful hunt. The later you get in may and in to June winter hits and can get down right chilly and add snow in to the mix.

Even though April & March are the best months to hunt red stags in New Zealand we know time frames don’t work for everyone June & July are still hauntable months for both free range and estate and you will see stags and be able to have a great experience.

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