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New Safari Gear!!

New Safari Gear has arrived.

I've been purging my hunting gear closet over the last few months, and starting to add a few things back to my stash.

I used Tag Safair gear early in my Safari hunting life. I've tried alot of gear over the years and I'm happy to be getting back on the Tag Safari train.

Tag Safari gear is not made in China, Mexico, or Indonesia. It is an Africa based company out of Zimbabwe and is all produced in Zim. I love supporting African comapnaies beacuse I feel like it is my second home.

If i'm not buying American made, I will happly buy African made products. Tag was out of some sizes and I needed to try some stuff on so I had to go throught the amazon wearhouse to get a few shirts to test out. The sizes turned out money, they fit great and feel good. Tag got some restoekd in the sizes I need so a new order is placed from them direct. I cant wait to get back in the African bush with my new gear.

A huge plus of this gear being manufactured in Africa is they know what its going to go through. The thorns, the heat and everything in between.

Tag has a great mission statment of “Helping Africa Through Trade, Not Aid” they are creating much needed jobs and much needed financial income to the local comuntiy. I love supporting comapnies that belive in creating local jobs.

If your looking for some great quality Safari gear in great earth tone solids check out Tag Safari.

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