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Mountain hunting in Africa part 3

Continuing the Mountian hunting topic.

The name should say it all, the Mountain Reedbuck is found in three separate subspecies across the African continent the Souther Mountain reedbuck found in South Africa, southern Botswana and the Lonbombo mountains of southwestern Mozambique.

Than you have the Chandler Mountain Reedbuck found and hunted in Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia. With the third us species being the Western Mountain Reedbuck that is found in Cameroon but has not been hunted for a number of years.

The mountain reedbuck as the name states lives in the mountainous terrain where they are found, but can be found in the lower foothills as well. The Mountain Reedbuck is a great hunt for the hunter wanting to experience an African safaris with a western mountain style hunt. The Mountain Reedbuck also is one of the best tasting game animals you will ever try.

@svdwalt_sa of @sc_safaris with a world class Archery Mountain Reedbuck that will be in the top 5.

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Mountain reedbuck


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