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Maui Hunting Safari

Rodney Jr and Dawn Perreira, husband and wife team, owners and guides of Maui Hunting Safari LLC, along with daughters Amanda Perreira and Emily Perreira started Maui Hunting Safari over 18 years ago and are proud to offer you a first class island hunting adventure.  Both Rodney, wife Dawn and daughters Amanda and Emily (and other associate guides) were born and raised on the Island of Maui.

Rodney has been hunting with his family since he was a child.  His passion for sharing hunting is evident in his everyday life - it's not only a sport, but is a way of life for Rodney.  He has hunted around the United States, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand, taking many record book animals.  Rodney has had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing great guided hunting operations.  He has taken a little of each experience, mixed them with his passion to share hunting on Maui and has created Maui Hunting Safari LLC which is a family oriented, owned and operated hunting business.

Studying the patterns of the animals, including their habitats, feeding and mating patterns have made Rodney a very knowledgeable and comprehensive guide.  An avid hunter for years, Rodney is able to recognize trophy animals from a distance and has the ability to spot and stalk even bow hunters to within bow range.

Maui Hunting Safari LLC strives to balance nature by not only removing from the wild, but also giving back to the wild through conservation efforts.  By creating this balance, Maui Hunting Safari LLC will be able to continue taking trophy animals for years to come.

We specialize in hunting on the Island of Maui only and have been the exclusive outfitter on the same privately owned ranches (continuously) for over 18 years.  For this reason, we have been able to develop and implement a management plan that produces great trophies year after year.

Our goals are simple, provide Professional and Exceptional Service, Safety at all times, and the best hunting opportunities for taking quality "free-ranging" animals to create an Unforgettable Maui Hunting Memory.

By choosing Maui Hunting Safari LLC, know that you will experience Hunting in Hawaii at its best and that every effort is made to make your Maui Hunting Safari a SUCCESS!

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