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Look at the quality of this mount

If you like high quality taxidermy you're going to love this mount.

In 2017 I traveled to Azerbaijan in search of the Dagestan Our and was very fortunate to harvest this amazing animal.

After flying home with trophy in hand I wasn't sure how I wanted to mount it and wasn't wanting to get a rush job done.

After getting some replicas made in 2019 I was putting some serious thought into who I wanted to mount this once in a lifetime memory.

After narrowing down some options, looking at countless photos of already mounted Our witch was not many.. I knew once I seen this photo I had the person I wanted to mount my Turn.

After dropping my replicas and cape off. to Paul Pennie in November of 2020 we began thinking of the proper pose to do this animal justice. We didn't want to rush this mount and wanted to make it a show piece for 2022.

fas forward to later in 2021 after a few phone calls and back and forth texting Paul sent me some phots of this sculpture.

I wasn't sold on the head angle but I loved the concept and told Paul your the artist do your work.

Paul said it was done and I would get to see it for the first time on Wednesday during the setup for the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo. I was full of excitement and was anticipating seeing this thing done, while I was setting ups the Hunterz Hub booth I would make quick laps past Pauls area in the main haul way hopping to catch a glimpse.. Well it took a few pass bye but when we were wrapping setup up on Wednesday night and heading to the welcome back exhibitor dinner it was there!

I was floored this thing turned out emaculent!

This is what you want to see and feel when you lay your eyes on your own mount from a trip off a lifetime. I can't preach it enough that you can't cut corners on taxidermy work and its worth every penny!!

Here was the process that Paul did to make this mount the work of art that it is.

" I took an Ibex form and altered the anatomy to the pose that we chose and used a Turkish change out head and sculpted anatomy details in him to come up with the form" Paul Pennie


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