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Hunting Is Conservation

Hunting in conservation!


Due to popular belief of anti hunters and even a lot of uneducated hunters many folks think that animals such as Lions should not be hunted.


Hunting is what is keeping these animals alive and in the wild outside of national parks.


The two main conflicts with lions is poaching & human encroachment.


With poaching the poachers might not even be targeting the lion and still impact them in multiple ways..

1. Poaching for buffalo and plains game animals for meat takes its toll on the Lions source of food and will lead to them starving or moving out of an area. But when moving out of one area into another the same problem will accrue.

2. Human encroachment, with human encroachment. Lion humans conflicts happen on a regular basis. One point is humans have livestock and when the lions start to hunt and kill the live stock the humans with trap, shoot and even poison the lions. The other point is human attacks become more regular and in return will cause more lions to be shot for the attacks.

And with the human population continuing to rise and people move out of larger city’s and villages this problem will only get worse.


Here are the positive aspects to hunting lions.

In all of the wild hunting areas across Africa lions are well managed with very limited with 1-4 tags on average being given for concessions that are extremely large being over hundred of thousands of acres.

With hunting brings money.

Here are the points of how the money works.

1. X percentage will go to the counties government witch in return tells them that the wildlife has a very important value to their income.

2. Anti poaching teams are established in these areas, where they walk, ride bikes, drive 4x4 trucks and even some times fly the area looking for illegal hunting and poaching with traps.

3. A hunting camp on average will employee 30 people between trackers, skinners, cooks, cleaning ladies, and other odds and end jobs a remote bush camp will have.

These are people who other wise would probably not have a source of income at all or one that equals a hunting camps pay for their entire life.


In some countries there are strict rules for age of a Lion. Some countries say they must be x years old normally 6 and in some countries you can’t take a male out of a breeding pride meaning your not hunting pride lions that are producing Cubs. Outfitters take pride in their areas and want see the population flourish because that means they can continue to work and are doing a part in protecting the future of these species.

Another positive side of hunting lions is most of the hunting areas boarder national parks. And like we said earlier these hunting areas have anti poaching teams well these hunting areas are providing a buffer zone to help protect these parks from poaching as well.


So regardless if your an Anti hunter or a hunter that doesn’t agree with it you should look closely and research something before you speak out with emotions.


Speaking with emotions can make extremely bad changes. And anyone can make an argument about hunting little whitetail deer…

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