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Hunting Africa's Jewel Antelope

Hunting Africa’s Jewel Antelope

(The Sable)

The Sable falls into an African category known as the glamor game.

The Sable is found through out much of East Africa down into southern Africa.

Cornwalles Harris discover the sable back in the 1830’s he described it as the most wonderful animal know to man. The Sable has a gloss black coat with a white under bell and impressive scimitar shaped horns. The big bulls can weigh up to 650+ pounds.

Only the fully mature bulls will have the jet black coat, the younger bulls will be a more redish brown.

The Sable likes more open country to be able to see great distances. They are typically grazing animals and from time to time will herd up into herds of large numbers.

Bulls tend to top out in horn length at around 7 years old. They will develop a secondary growth at the base of the horns that is a great indication that you have taken a fully mature animal.

The greatest concentration of Free range Sable will be found in coastal and central Mozambique. Namibia has some great Free range sable hunting as well as good numbers of game farms, South Africa has quickly become a Sable producing country with large breeding programs and lots of ranches offering sable hunts.

Guns and loads. A Sable bull can be a real tough animal when it comes to shooting. Any 7mm or 300 caliber will be just fine for a Sable but like always shot placement is key and you need to be able and ready to take longer shots in Africa terms such as 250-450 yards. You want a bullet that penetrates well and has some great expansion. You don’t want to loose a big bull Sable.

Keep in mind most vital organs on Africa game is placed further forward then a whitetail. So a through the lower should heart shot would be ideal for such a tough animal.

Just remember don’t aim to high on the shoulder and to far back behind the shoulder, a wounded Sable can travel long distances and can be dangerous.

Field judging a sable. The magic number is 40” similar to 180” mule deer but some areas wont produce big mature bulls over 40 while some will produce bulls pushing the incredible 50” mark. So take into consideration the trophy quality of the area you are in before you decide you want to hunt a Sable. Just remember you want an old mature bull with good secondary growth.

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