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How To Use Shooting Sticks

In todays video and podcast we are going to go over the importance of shooting sticks.

A huge mistake we western hunters make is not practicing or knowing how to shoot off shooting sticks effectively and accurately.

In Africa on 99.9% of hunts you will more then likely be taking most of your shots off shooting sticks, built in the three legged tripod setup. Learning how to use shooting sticks, and getting comfortable with your hunting rifle off sticks will substantially put you in a better place for success when you get in the African bush.

Get Some stick and hit the range with them regularly.

I have owned and practiced on a set of shooting sticks from African Sporting creations since 2009.They are great and easy to use, you could even take them to Africa with you, if youd prefer.https://www.africansportingcreations.comI hope you enjoyed todays video and it helps you get ready for your first or next Safari

See the video here.

Listen to the podcast here.

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