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2020 is an unbelievable year!

Check out these giant antelope that have been taken across the west with some of the best outfitters.

"We had a blast hunting the 2020 Arizona statewide #pronghorntag yesterday with Albert Seeno! This stud buck is about 17” long with almost 7” prongs and huge mass!"

What and incredible buck with some awesome character!

"GIANT#pronghornwe took yesterday in New Mexico with Mike Gallo! Congrats Mike on another great buck. This buck was super massive with an almost 6” second quarter"

What a massive goat congrats Mike!

"Big congratulations to Galen on an absolute stud! Galen and G3 guide@hunter_mcgaugheywere after this buck for a few days and patience paid off!"

What an amazing goat guys this is one heck of a buck!

"G3 guide Jacob Burkett with a tremendous archery goat to get our antelope season kicked off! Jacob had watched this buck leading up to his hunt and was able to get an arrow in him the second day!"

Congrats Jacob that is one heck of an Archery antelope!!

Up next is our good friend Byron with another outstanding buck! He and @seth_doser teamed up again and sealed the deal on a stud! Thanks for coming back and hunting with us and we look forward to the next one!"

Congrats to Byron and Hunterz Hub member Seth on a tank of a antelope!

"Ross Groben with his uniquely awesome New Mexico mid-80’s pronghorn we got on opening day. Congrats on a monster buck"

What a Epic buck Ross that thing has some incredible character congrats!!

If these bucks don't get you itching to have a Antelope tag in your pocket you need to get your heart checked LOL 😂

Stay tuned for more as the 2020 season unfolds!.

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