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Have you heard of the Super Slam??

The Super slam was put together by grand slam club Ovis to catalog species from North America. The Super slam consist of 10 categories of species such as Deer, Elk, Moose, Sheep, Bison/Muskox, American Mountain goat, Pronghorn Antelope, Caribou, Bear, and Cougar. In each category there can be several subspecies that add up to a total of 29 animals. That is the super slam. Taking all 29 animals will qualify a hunter to receive the super slam award (aka north American 29).

“in the early 1970’s Grand Slam Club founder Bob Housholder began keeping track of those who had taken all of the trophy types recognized at the time by the Boone and Crockett Club. Bob himself was one of the first people to achieve that accomplishment. His foresight into an amazing lifetime achievement was the forerunner for what is today part of GSCO’s family of Slams as the Super Slam of North American Big Game. The time and effort requires to reach this milestone is incredible, and for most it represents a lifetime of commitment to their pursuit of big game Animals.”

Hi this link and it will take you to the Grand Slam Club Ovis website where you will see a forum that shows you all the animals that are listed under the super slam award.

This is more than just a plaque, it’s a plaque that represents the trials and tribulations that a hunter goes through traveling all across North America from the far norths of Canada, all across the west, down to the edge of the Mexico border.

If you are a hunting junky and want to set goals for yourself to experience North America at it’s fullest this could be a journey for you to set out on.

You should become a member of SCI and GSCO to help further your education on the amazing hunt opportunities around the world and by becoming a member you help fight the fight to protect the things we love to do.

Marty Fox with a great Archery Mule Deer.

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