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We get asked all the time and just had this question last week!

I have to use a TSA lock on my gun case flying with it right?

The answer is NO!

You can use a TSA lock but we highly recommend that you don't use one.

We highly recommend that you go back to your high school days and use the good old trusty master lock combo lock!

We have always used these master locks on every international hunting trip and North American hunt... but one time.

One time on a trip to Australia traveling with a bow I used a bow case that had no lock eyes but it had 4 built in TSA locks.. I figured I would be good.

While waiting for the bags to all come out I see my bow case come scrolling out I grabbed it and instantly noticed something was off.

All 4 of my built in TSA locks had been popped out and now my case was wide open and un lockable. I was very lucky that my bow and arrows were still in the bow case and still in working order.

My bow could have been gone, arrows could have been gone, bow could have been beat up and broken, and arrows could have been snapped.

This was a reminder of why you always buy cases with locking eyes and always use combo locks!

I hope this little note helps you when planning your next hunt that requires some air travel.

Best of luck on your next hunt!


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