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Dall Sheep Hunt Gear List

This is the gear list we used on a 12 day Dall sheep hunt in the Alaska Range of Alaska with some adjustments with add on’s and take outs of what we concluded after the trip was over.

- Two 10oz+ water bottles you can use plastic & aluminum bottles to save weight but if your looking for one to handle the terrain a stainless steel bottle would out last the paces of a tough mountain hunt.

- Sleeping bag Dall sheep hunts take place from mid-august to late September and temperatures up north change very fast earlier in august you could be safe taking a 32 bag but from the start of September on we recommend a zero bag you can always unzip the bag if its to warm but if you have 32 bag an and its 20 degrees out howling wind raining or snowing its a lot tougher to get warm then it is to cool off.

- A good solid soul pair of boots with great ankle support for climbing the steep rocky terrain that you will be in and doing massive elevation changes day after day.

- Trekking poles We people talk trekking poles they think they are to tough for them. Trust me know one is to tough to use a set of trekking poles. Trekking poles come in handy in more ways than one. They are great for the steep climbs and descents that you will be making and they will work along with your good set of boots in keeping your ankles safe and preventing you from having twisting a ankle and ending your hunt. Along with the use of tent poles some mountain hunting tents are built just for trekking poles to be the supports while others if you have a pole break or bend you could use your trekking pole to save the day and give some support. Another use for the pole is in the case of a close range quick shot you could drop to a knee and use the trekking pole as sort of a monopod and steady up to make your shot you’ve climbed and work so hard to get.

- Flashlight & head Lamp. On any hunt it’s always good to carry both. To use one or the other as a back up. Obviously you don’t want your flash light In your hand as your descending down a steep rocky face with a big ram in your pack so the headlight is the way to go. But a flashlight comes in handy around camp and incase of emergency.

- GPS a good gps is always great to have no matter what hunt your on. Even though your guide should have one and should know where he or she is going its always good for you to have a back up and for you to have a safe mind set throughout your hunt. Plus you can log harvest locations that are need upon checking your ram in. and you can mark camps or areas you’ve seen sheep or other cool sights you’ve seen throughout the hunt.

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