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D&L Custom Broker

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Know Before You Go!!

Hey guys before heading out on your next international hun ting trip we want to remind you that you should contact a custom broker to help import your trophies after the hunt even if you plan to fly back with them you will need to be in contact with someone ton help get the legal documents prepared for your species to enter the US

We at Hunterz Hub have been using D&L brokers for years and have had great success in getting our animals back and the paperwork done correctly.

If you on not have a broker already and are in search of one we strongly suggest you gibe D&L a call

Founded in 2003 by Lisa Jamnik and Denise Diebold, D& L CUSTOM HOUSE BROKER is widely recognized as one of America’s most experienced and respected Custom Brokerage firms specializing in the clearance of goods being shipped into the United States. Combined, this puts over 60 years of expertise to work for each D&L CUSTOM HOUSE BROKER INC. client. Our staff at D&L are experts in handling commercial, personal and remote filing along with specializing in HUNTING TROPHIES and FDA (Food and Drug) clearances. If our client requires, D&L can also handle the delivery of your shipment anywhere in the United States. Our entire staff has been individually trained and is extremely knowledgeable in these highly specialized fields. Our education is kept up to date regarding complex and ever changing regulations. Our entire staff at D&L CUSTOM HOUSE BROKER, LLC. is dedicated to the job of ensuring problem free, timely, and satisfactory service to you, our valued client. Your complete satisfaction is our mission at D&L.


TODAY’S INTERNATIONAL BIG GAME HUNTER NEEDS A TROPHY IMPORT SPECIALIST! The professionals at D&L CUSTOM HOUSE BROKER INC. are those specialists. The shipping, importing, and paperwork preparation of sport hunted trophies is one of the most important, yet misunderstood parts of the safari, and international hunting experience. D&L CUSTOM HOUSE BROKER LLC. are industry recognized experts in the clearing of sport hunted trophies from around the globe. D&L will act as your import broker, clearing the trophies on your behalf. They obtain and file all Import Permits with all necessary US GOVERNMENT AGENCIES. D&L forms a working partnership with the Outfitter, Dip & Packer, Shipping Company, and chosen Taxidermist for a seamless process assuring your trophies flow through the import process in a legal and efficient manner. Never before have import laws been as strict and confusing as they are today. The entire D&L team is familiar with, and constantly updated on any changing regulations, both overseas and here in the US. Attention to detail prior to your valuable trophies being shipped assures that your hard earned and expensive trophies will be cleared without hassle, delay, or expense. D&L‘s pricing is in line with similar services, but you will find our service is second to none in the industry!

Whether you are a booking agent, outfitter, taxidermist or hunter D&L’s primary goal is to make sure your trophies are taken care of in a professional manner with expedited service. We feel that with our capable staff and years of experience we can make the process of shipping and clearing your trophies a positive experience!!

Thank you for giving D&L CHB, LLC the opportunity to introduce our company to you!


1. Contact with the client to explain the process that will go on to import their trophies. Send the client the documents that we require to be filled out either prior to or upon the hunters return from their hunt.

2. The hunter or U.S. taxidermist will need to send us back the clients paperwork, being the Hunter Information Sheet, signed Power of Attorney and acceptable Proof of Identity. WE WILL NOT CREATE A FILE UNTIL WE RECENE THE PAPERWORK BACK

3. Regarding animals taken that require a U.S. Fish and Wildlife cites permit: D&L has the ability to apply for the cites on behalf of the hunter for a minimal fee. If the hunter does not require our services we will need the original permit when the hunter receives.


4. Depending on the country of origin and what is being done to the trophy (just dip n pack or mounting) we will contact the overseas taxidermist to make sure they have our information on file. We will include the client in on the email to ensure you see the response from the taxidermy.

5. Ensure we have the shipping agents information or get it from the overseas taxidermy to make contact. We will keep track of the shipment as it moves from the taxidermy to the shipper.

6. Once the trophies are ready to ship the shipper scans us copies of the documents to double check for any errors, along with a pre-alert to track your shipment.

7. D&L will call you as soon as the trophies have been processed through U.S. Customs, Agriculture and Fish & Wildlife. If there are any problems we will notify you immediately.

8. When all has been completed we will send you a bill for our services. You have the option of sending us a check or paying via Visa or Mastercard. Our payment terms are 30 days.

Please let Lisa know Mckenzie sims sent you their way!

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