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This hunt didn't start out so well! First, good friend Frank Miles had to cancel a week before we left due to business, then the day I was to fly out I decided to go for one last training hike with a heavy pack on and rolled my ankle bad. I had to limp onto the airplane that same afternoon wondering how I was ever going to climb mountains, when I arrived in Vancouver I talked to Lyle Wood and he had woke up that morning sick. Adam Brash was the only healthy one in our group. Then we had the typical bad weather in Tilichiki which delayed our flight and when we arrived in Tilichiki we found out that the mountains were fogged in and couldn't fly out to camp. The next day we flew out in the Russian Mi8 only to run into more bad weather and had to land short of where Ansten Ostbye, our outfitter, wanted to make camp. The guides were discouraged of the place we made camp, but we had no choice. Finally after travelling for 7 days it was time to go hunting and our luck started to change. While I was prepping my backpack in the morning, Adam spotted a Siberian Brown bear from camp, so he and Lyle went after it, after about 1/2 an hour Ansten came running to my tent to tell me that the bear was running towards camp, so I quickly grabbed Ansten's rifle and shot the bear 100 yds from main camp. It wasn't a big bear, but had an excellent colored hide on it. Due to my ankle we decided to pack our fly camp with us so we didn't have to return to base camp each night, after about a 5 hour hike we made a spike camp and then kept going, after another few hours Egor, my guide, had spotted 10 rams way down the valley, so we quickly dropped off the mountain we were on and limped towards the Rams. A couple hours later we were within 275 yds. but another big storm was heading our way so we quickly set up and after a couple missed shots I finally connected on the oldest one of the bunch. As I walked up to the ram, I started laughing and said to myself " you lucky SOB " . Turned out the ram was 12 years old, 37 4/8" on his long side  We ended up hiking all the way back to main camp that night as it was raining and the forecast was 3 more days of rain and snow. When we got back to main camp, Adam had taken a big 12 year old ram also. A few days later after some tough hard hunting Lyle managed to take a big 13 year old ram. So as bad as things had started out on this adventure it turned out great in the end thanks to Ansten Ostbye and his great all Russian crew. 

By Daryll Hosker

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