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Arrive on time

Dear Members,

We hear this all the time. " Traveling international is hard".

When in all reality it's not and issues can be easily avoided with just a few simple steps.

So here we are going to break down a couple of simple steps to making international travel work much smoother.

  1. Plan a head: make sure you are prepared and ready when you arrive at the airport.

know where your passport is, know where any rifle permit paper work is, make sure you have your 4457 form done and that it is not expired. Don't have any ammo or knives in your carry on's that will hold you up at security. If you can get Global entry that could make the International travel much easier as well.

2. Arrive on time: A lot of time folks don't give them selves enough time to get checked in, go through Security and make it to the gate on time. We recommend showing up 2.5 hours prior to departure. If your First flight is delayed and you are notified before arriving to the airport don't just sit back and wait, this could cause a major issue to getting to you finale destination on time. Many times you can find another flight that will get you to where you're going if you are at the airport and early. If you plan your own travel plans don't schedule super short layovers. Doing this could cause you to miss your connection flight and cost you hunting days, make sure you give yourself plenty of time between connections incase your flights are delayed. That way you don't have to sit and wait for the next flight because in some parts of the world the next flight is tomorrow or even days away.

3. Travel Agent: If you ever have any doubts or concerns about booking your own International travel plans we strongly suggest you use a flight booking agent, especially one that knows the do's and don'ts when flying with fire arms, trust us its worth every penny especially when a issue comes up with lost bags, flights be changed or canceled you always have some there to give you help to make sure you get to your hunt on time.

Here is the website to a travel agent we use and strongly suggest.

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