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Africa Forest Boots

Hey guys, We have a new episode. Of our YouTube videos and podcast.

In this video, I'm going to talk about boots that I Used in the Forest of Cameroon on a bongo hunt. Now. In the forest it is very wet. It rains nearly daily, which you want it to rain because you need that for to Be able to track the bongo and know what's fresh or not. So it's either raining or you're walking In wet grass, or in streams. So your feet are constantly wet. For this hunt, I do not recommend a leather boot. Because we know what happens to leather when it gets wet. It shrinks, it expands. It doesn't fit and it never dries. Boots that I took to Cameroon were a canvas rubber boot Made by Palladium. I took two pairs of these boots. To be able to interchange them, as the days go on giving the pair I wore the day before a chance to dry Which they did.. these boots worked great for the style of hunt that the Bongo hunt is. A wet forest hunt. These shoes/boots would be great for any other hunt the involves this type of weather and moisture such as Sitatunga hunts, duiker hunts in Liberia and other country’s that can be damp. Another pair of shoes that works great was a pair that my PH would swap out with his Palladiums and that was good old Converse high tops.

I Hope this Video/podcast gives you some helpful information when planning your next hunt.

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