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5 Common Safari Mistake's

1. Guiding the PH. It is very common in Africa for most Western hunters to want to “PH the PH” now that doesn’t only happen in Africa it happens on most hunts around the world. The client mostly being the western hunters that do get more hunting opportunities yearly then the eastern whitetail hunter, and the DIY crowd try to tell the PH how to hunt. Listen you wouldn’t want them trying to tell you how to hunt an elk or mule deer that you’ve hunted your entire life, so I don’t recommend that you try to tell them how to hunt countries and species they have grown up hunting and make a lively hood out of.

glassing for Vaal Rhenok
Glassing with Ph Carl Van Zyl of John X Safaris

2. Stick Practice. A huge mistake we western hunters make is not practicing or knowing how to shoot off shooting sticks effectively and accurately. Get Some stick and hit the range with them regularly.

Shooting sticks
Set up on the sticks looking over a herd of Cape Buffalo in Zambia with Jason Stone

3. Packing too much. The first Safari hunter always seems to pack the entire hunting closet, heck I’m guilty of this myself. In 99.9% of Africa hunting camps, they will do laundry every day or every other day not requiring you to take 7 days of hunting clothing. I typically take 2-3 pairs of hunting clothing using one as a travel set and I’m good to go.

Packing for hunts
Packed for 14 days in Cameroon on a forest hunt for Bongo

4. Not taking a camera/ taking enough photos. One thing I hear is I should have taken more photos. That is one thing I make sure and don’t miss out on I personally take a camera (not my I phone) and take lots and lots of photos and video, yes, I even take lots of Photos and videos on my Phone, but I pack a real camera and take as many photos as I can. This is how you capture memories to relive later in life with friends and family as well as just for yourself. Take a camera and take lots of photos. If you can swing it hiring a local cameraman to video your hunt will just add to the meories you bring back with you.

sable antelope africa hunting safaris
Photo of a monster Sable bull while on Safair with African Bow Hunting Adventures

5. Cutting the trip to short. In the 21st century we are all busy, moving and shaking by the minute and when it comes to taking a break or going on vacation many of us think we can’t be gone more than 5 days from work, home, and or family and it gives you heart burn to think of being gone 10 days total. But I strongly suggest you don’t cut your Safari short especially your first Safari or a Safari that you think will be your one and done type deal. Do it right, I have done several 5-day Safaris and I’m here to tell you that’s not long enough, 5 days you are hunting extremely hard with zero breaks to take in what Africa offers. You must do a minimum of 7 days that will typically be a ten-day total trip with travel. 7 Days gives you enough time to get a taste of the African experience gives you time to relax and take in the sights and gives you plenty of time to take 5-7 animals. Now being able to do a 10 or 14 hunting day Safari would be the ticket but 7 days is a great start.

south africa hunts africa hunts safari hunting
Me and Cameraman Grant Clegg with a very nice Black Wildebeest.

I hope these 5 tips help you when plannign your first or next Safari!

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