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This hunt started in 2016 with a 10 day pre-scouting trip to the province of Bayan-Olgi with my ole sheep hunting friend Eddy McArthur from Ft. Nelson. We looked over 150 plus rams during the 10 days and found one extremely heavy ram north of the national park. We photographed, documented and sent what we found to the government in hopes of  getting a permit for the 2017 season. In April  Zol Wrestler from Mongolian High Mountain Hunt contacted me with the news that we had received a permit. We spent 2 days to find the same bunch of rams from 2016 and on July 1 I was able to take this ram. He didn’t have the length or shape of a classic Altay, but had massive 21 5/8” bases after drying with 19 7/8’ 1st quarters. This was my 5th trip to Mongolia and not my last, great country.   

By Daryll Hosker

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